Music. Media. Technology.

I am a brand builder, digital strategist, musician and artist educator based in Los Angeles.

Beginning as a drummer in San Francisco, I quickly discovered how technology was rapidly shaping the music industry and instantly wanted to be a part of that shift. I earned my stripes working with the legendary DJ Shadow on online marketing and merchandise operations and writing for the likes of Hypebot, Billboard, and others.

I went on to help launch FAME HOUSE, one of the music industry’s first digital marketing agencies helping artists capitalize on their online presences. Clients included Eminem, Tiësto, Pearl Jam, Alicia Keys, Beatport and more. I eventually found himself at the epicenter of electronic music culture, touring the world (with an extensive tenure on Ibiza) working with Richie Hawtin and several other European electronic music mainstays.

FAME HOUSE was eventually purchased by Universal Music Group in 2016. I exited shortly after to build a consulting practice for select music clients ranging from artists, labels, brands and technology companies.

With a growing desire to help developing talent, I founded ArtistPro in 2019 – an interactive educational platform empowering artists to be better business owners and self-marketers. I also continue to lecture adjunctly at ICON Collective in Burbank, CA.

Rounding it all out, I remain an active musician. I composes under the artist alias Rizik – an audio / visual project consisting of piano-centric, neo-classical pieces and film scores.

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  • Positioning
  • Market Research
  • Value Proposition
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Ethos & Philosophies


  • Comprehensive Digital Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Ecommerce Strategy
  • Paid Media Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Data Analysis


  • Ecommerce
  • Merchandise
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Data Monetization
  • Direct-to-Consumer


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Artist Education

Eager to harness the industry leaders of tomorrow, Hisham is the Founder of ArtistProan interactive educational platform empowering artists to become better business owners and self-marketers – created out of an intense desire to help more artists gain the tools, skills and knowledge needed to make a living from their music. Given his own musical background and extensive experience working behind the scenes, he created a program that empathizes with the creative needs of artists while tailoring his methods to ensure tangible business goals can be met.

Hisham is also an adjunct professor at ICON Collective – a forward thinking music production institute that nurtures holistic creative thinking and technical skills equally. Having once received a tremendous amount of value from an academic music business setting himself, he is committed to fostering the next wave of informed artists, entrepreneurs, and music business professionals.

A proven public speaker, Hisham relishes in discussing the music landscape in a public forum.

Whether as a panelist, moderator, keynote speaker or seminar leader – careful thought and preparation goes into each speaking engagement. Hisham has made appearances at industry events including SXSW, Amsterdam Dance Event, SF MusicTech, ASCAP Expo, Bandwidth, Digital Entertainment Expo and more. He is always accepting requests for speaking engagements (pending availability).

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