The not-so-secret project of mine is finally out and open in the world.

ArtistPro represents a movement of contemporary music artists possessing complete ownership of their careers.

These are musicians who operate as business owners leading creative ventures. They understand the mechanics of the music industry, know how to manage themselves and build profitable careers from the creative work they believe in. They are productive, proficient, and above all – professional.

It is my vision to usher in more of these creative professionals into today’s music industry.

This all stems from my belief that many music artists of today, particularly digital natives, are up the task of managing their own careers in the early stages… but just lack the resources to learn how.

Through an intensive 12-week online program, ArtistPro students are given the tools, skills and resources they need to walk the path of turning pro in today’s music business including:

-Contemporary music business education (with an emphasis on digital)

-Brand building exercises

-Content strategies

-Advanced marketing techniques

-Social media management strategies

-Productivity and positive habit formation

-Team building / leading

-Professional communication etiquette

-Personal network building

…and much more.

By completing ArtistPro, artists can forge a path centered around professional, personal and creative evolution – focused on career longevity.

As of this writing, the program is in a public beta of sorts in that the first few rounds of classes will be available completely for free to a select group of artists in exchange for detailed feedback to make this thing ready for public use.

Stay tuned for further updates and learn more @