It’s been a stupid long time coming, but in the wake of me reactivating my artist career through the Rizik project – it had me thinking:

I’ve got so much old material that never saw the light of day, or material that did well on SoundCloud that never got the proper release treatment.

Well, I’m changing that.

While I’m working on Rizik, which I can say is my artist project, I’ve started a separate brand I’m calling Off / Side as a place to house all the music I like to make as a producer. Think of it as chill beats, mellow instrumentals, electronic music, etc. that I just find fun to make but don’t necessarily have as a higher message.

The first track was released this week called ‘Skye‘, and within the first day, was added to a Spotify editorial playlist!

Check out the first single here and please save / like the track if you dig it and follow along!